Rate Chart & Services

Rate Chart & Services

What makes our prices such a good value?

There are many reasons, but only from the pricing perspective, here’s a good one.

Many services get you with a door price. Upon arrival they pull out a list charging extra for each location/item such as the inside of a refrigerator. Some offer free door to door estimates. These are mostly gauging tactics. They have to make up for any non-sales by charging inflated rates.

We post our prices up front. They’re all inclusive and true to their description as long as time allows and the purchase matches the need. No hidden fees, no hidden agendas, no underpaid undocumented Workers, no dollar store or re-used unsanitary supplies.

Just 1 more reason why Polish Cleaning Women’s are most trusted cleaning service.

Just like every customer, every house is different.

Our price is based on costumers needs, expectations and level of difficulties.

Two similar sqf. houses might have different price based on kind of work they might required.


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