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Delivering the right cleaning service at the right time – every time!

Whatever the nature of your housekeeping service needs, Polish Ladys Cleaning can devise a tailor-made program for you.

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Special packages,      Reasonable Rates,  20 Years Experience,  Insured-Bonded,  100% Incident free record,  Trusted Stuff,  Flexible Hours

Special packages                                 Reasonable Rates                              20 Years Experience                       Insured-Bonded              100% Incident free record                Trusted Stuff                     Flexible Hours



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Crystal Lake to South Elgin

South Elgin to Elk Grove Village

Elk Grove Village to Mundelein

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What We Do For You

We Can Help You Get Your House Cleaner Than Ever.

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Delivering the right cleaning service at the right time – every time!.

Whatever the nature of your housekeeping service needs, Flat Rate House Cleaning can devise a tailor-made program for you.

Residential Cleaning Service.

We take pride in designing residential maintenance programs to match the individual needs of clients’ households to your specific cleaning requirements. Knowing your entire home can be kept clean, year round, gives great peace of mind.. To do this, we provide thorough cleanings combined with high levels of personal service. Our  cleaning system, and our extensive experience, ensure that your home remains clean, fresh and healthy – time and again. To set up a tailor-made cleaning program for your house, apartment, condo or office, simply call us at 847-809-2710 to arrange a convenient time to meet with one of our helpful service providers. Our highly skilled cleaning service professionals are licensed, bonded, and well-trained. And all of our services are guaranteed – at every visit!

Move-in & Move-out Cleaning Service for regular costumers only.

Don’t move in or out without Flat Rate House Cleaning! We provide comprehensive, cleaning services needed to ensure your home or office looks clean, smells fresh, and stays healthy. When providing move-in and move-out services, our primary goal is to provide a hassle-free experience for clients. We want you to know that you can depend on us to meet your needs, and ensure that new occupants are satisfied and proud of their new home.

Commercial Cleaning Service

We understand that your business environment makes a lasting impression on your customers and boosts professionalism and morale amongst your employees. We specialize in hardwood floor care and our cleaning packages are geared toward meeting all of your expectations and requirements. Our goal is to help you get on with the business of doing business. ll of our commercial cleaning services are backed by stringent quality-control standards and the highest levels of personal service.

Post-Construction Cleaning Service for regular costumers only.

Flat Rate House Cleaning aims to save contractors and re-modelers time and energy, with our comprehensive post-construction cleaning services. Our teams of skilled professionals provide worry-free and punctual, detailed cleanings to ensure that new homes, apartments, offices and condos are sparkling clean and show-room ready for new inhabitants.

Spring Cleaning / Fall Cleaning

Seasonal weather means new beginnings outdoors and indoors. Call Us for special spring cleaning and fall cleaning services to help you clean and sanitize your home. That dirt was so last season.The start of a new season is a time to feel better about your home. Rest assured with healthy, seasonal cleaning: from deep under beds, to the tops of refrigerators, we’ve got you covered. Our residential cleaning teams attend to every detail of spring and fall cleaning. We scrub kitchen and bathroom floors; remove soap scum in the bathroom; clean the toilet-seat hinges; and clean phone receivers, light switches and doorknobs to prevent the spread of germs. Keep your family in a safe, clean environment. Prevent allergy and asthma symptoms, or the spread of germs, with the professional fall and spring cleaning services from Polish Womens.

Additional Cleaning Services

Have a special cleaning project? The Polish leaning Womens home cleaning services can help you tackle specific cleaning needs Additional Residential Cleaning Services Oven/Grill Cleaning Service, Refrigerator Cleaning Service, Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Service Wood Floor Cleaning Service, Tile Floor Cleaning Service, Concrete Floor Cleaning Service, Wall Cleaning Service, Chandelier Cleaning, Light Fixtures, Mirrored Walls, Vacuum Draperies, Wood Paneling Cleaning Service.

You will enjoy the professional service and quality of our work. Our fully uniformed staff will arrive at your property on time with all the equipment and materials required to complete your cleaning session.

We offer a wide variety of residential cleaning services.Review our services below to get on track with a regular maintenance cleaning schedule.

Standard Cleaning- This cleaning is designed to maintain the cleanliness of your home. We recommend this type of cleaning if you just need a basic cleaning or if you want to maintain your home after having a Deep or Annual Cleaning. If your home has not had a heavy/detail clean within the last 6 months you might want to consider our Deep or Annual Cleaning to get your home in shape before having a Standard Cleaning.

Deep Cleaning- This cleaning is recommended as a pre-cursor to getting on a regular maintenance schedule or simply to get your home in shape so that you can maintain it yourself. If you do not use a cleaning service on a regular basis and prefer to maintain your own home, we suggest that you have a professional deep cleaning completed at least once every six months to ensure that the cleanliness of your home is maintained at a high level.

Annual Cleaning- This cleaning is designed to provide the most comprehensive cleaning for the interior of your home. It is our most detailed cleaning that includes cleaning and organizing your kitchen and bathroom cabinets throughout your home. We recommend that you have an Annual Cleaning at least once per year.

Move In/Out Cleaning- This cleaning is designed to prepare a home for the next tenant or simply to meet landlord cleaning requirements as it relates to getting back your deposit. This cleaning is also referred to as a turn over cleaning and is a complete unit cleaning. See our checklist for details.

Kitchen/Bathroom Combo- This cleaning is designed to maintain the toughest areas of the home. We recommend this service if you are able to handle most of the cleaning requirements of your home but would like assistance with your kitchen and bathrooms.


Cleaning Packages

We Offer Cleaning Packages


Standart Package

Trained and Trusted Employees

Superior Quality Control Program

Deep Cleaning

General Cleaning

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Does your current housekeeper/maid needs training? If he or she are not working as efficiently as you would like?

Ask about our training service for housekeepers/maids that teaches proper cleaning and time-management skills.

How Often




Our company give everyone our personal attention!



Ceiling Fans

Lamps and Shades

Light Fixtures

Blinds and Window Sills



Remove cobwebs where reachable

Vacuum and/or mop all hard floors

Vacuum Carpets



Outside of Appliances

Stove Top and Drip Pans

Counter Tops and Backsplash

Cabinets and Sink


Clean and disinfect:


Toilets Inside and Out


Vacuum and Mop Floors


This cleaning will consist of the same as the general cleaning, except that we will put more attention to the

accumulation of dust throughout the house, as well as excess build-up in the kitchen and bathrooms. In addition, we will:

Remove Dust Throughout The House

Wipe/Polish All Furniture

Wipe Doors, Picture Frames, Cabinets, Baseboards, Window Sills

Wipe Light Switch Plates

Vacuum Lower Air Return Vents

Vacuum Carpet Edges

Rate Chart & Services

Rate Chart & Services

What makes our prices such a good value?

There are many reasons, but only from the pricing perspective, here’s a good one.

Many services get you with a door price. Upon arrival they pull out a list charging extra for each location/item such as the inside of a refrigerator. Some offer free door to door estimates. These are mostly gauging tactics. They have to make up for any non-sales by charging inflated rates.

We post our prices up front. They’re all inclusive and true to their description as long as time allows and the purchase matches the need. No hidden fees, no hidden agendas, no underpaid undocumented Workers, no dollar store or re-used unsanitary supplies.

Just 1 more reason why Polish Cleaning Women’s are most trusted cleaning service.


Recurring Services

Weekly Average House $75-$95

(up to 4 bedroom, 2,5 Bathrooms)

Bi-Weekly Average House $85-$100

(up to 4 bedroom, 2,5 Bathrooms)

One time a month Average House $95-$120

(up to 4 bedroom, 2,5 Bathrooms)

Spring Cleaning Services:

Standard Spring Cleaning Average House $150-$300

(up to 4 bedroom, 2,5 Bathrooms)

Super Spring Cleaning Average House $200-$400

(up to 4 bedroom, 2,5 Bathrooms)



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